Sunday Changed Everything

The story of the human race began in a garden with a man called Adam. The story of the one who would be called the second Adam would end in a garden.

Published April 11th, 2014

The Hope of Transformation

I am disappointed with myself. I am disappointed not so much with particular things I have done as with aspects of who I have become. I have a nagging sense that all is not as it should be.

Published January 17th, 2014

Spiritual A.D.D.

Psychologists who deal with the study of perception refer to a phenomenon called “habituation.” The idea is that when a new object or stimulus is introduced to our environment, we are intensely aware of it…

Published January 3rd, 2014

Valuable Raggedness

Her name was Pandy. She had lost a good deal of her hair, one of her arms was missing, and, generally speaking, she’d had the stuffing knocked out of her….

Published December 6th, 2013