Teaching the Heart of the Old Testament

Communicating Life-Changing Truths from Genesis to Malachi

A Communicator’s Toolkit for Teaching the Old Testament. DVD-ROM included.

Having the right resources gives you a powerful edge in communicating the message of the Old Testament effectively in this media-driven, sensory-intensive culture. You’ll learn how to effectively connect with the minds, imaginations, and hearts of your listeners. Designed to maximize your connection and impact, it is a communicator’s toolbox for teaching your congregation 32 life-changing messages from the Old Testament. It is a stand-alone resource that can also be used in conjunction with the Exploring the Old Testament Bible study series to facilitate a nine-month church wide study of the Old Testament. Based on Pastor John Ortberg’s OTC series at the New Community services of Willow Creek Community Church, this teaching resource will enable churches to raise the level of biblical literacy and understanding among its congregation.

  • Historical, cultural, and geographical backgrounds unlock the meanings of Bible passages. Transport your listeners thousands of years into the past so they can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the ancient world.
  • Illustrations, humorous stories, and word pictures engage the imagination and emotions, bringing home the timeless message of the Old Testament with clarity and freshness.
  • Creative applications help listeners make the leap from learning Old Testament lessons to living the Christian life.

The genius of this teaching guide is its flexibility. Customize your messages from a treasury of resources. This revolutionary tool provides up to 16 categories of material for each message. No need to spend countless hours doing research—a wealth of ideas and resources lies at your fingertips!

The preaching and teaching guide includes:

  • Creative Message Ideas
  • Heart of the Message
  • Heart of the Messenger
  • Historical Context Notes
  • Illustrations
  • Interpretive Insights
  • Life Applications
  • Narrative on Life
  • Narrative on the Text
  • New Testament Connections
  • On the Lighter Side
  • Pause for Prayer
  • Pause for Reflection
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Significant Scriptures
  • Word Studies
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